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Grammar 4

Grammar 4 students study the Middle Ages this year enjoying enhanced learning through numbers projects, field trips, and special events. Their understanding of God's vast creation expands as they explore Astronomy. New grammar concepts are learned, and students gain confident in their writing and editing skills. Aptitude with Latin continues to strengthen as the students memorize vocabulary and have fun translating sentences.  


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Elizabeth Hertz



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Areas of Study


Incorporating additional stylistic techniques as well as adding complexity to their writing, students continue to develop their composition skills as they work through additional units of Andrew Pudewa’s Teaching Structure & Style. New skills developed this year focus on moving students toward more independence with editing & vocabulary choice while exercising their imaginations to create details & dialog. A variety of assignments draw from history or science using differing formats to reinforce concepts from previous years.


Shurley English Level 4 develops a deeper understanding of grammar and sentence construction. Grammar 4 students work on grammar at home using weekly lesson plans provided by ACTS. Classroom instruction briefly introduces grammar concepts while encouraging reinforcement of previous ones and keeping up with home lessons. Students continue to recite jingles, work through the Question & Answer flow of sentences while solidifying their understanding of basic grammar.


In studying the Medieval Era using Veritas Press Middle Ages History Cards, students encounter God’s hand orchestrating events and see His hand preserving His word throughout His story. Weaving a tapestry that incorporates God’s purpose in 32 pivotal events and people of the period, students will learn new vocabulary, memorize the 32 events through a song, and discover how the world shifted and changed during this dynamic period. Various crafts, projects, and field trips enrich & enhance each student’s understanding of the era.


Exploration of God’s amazing universe is the focus of study using Apologia Science Young Explorer Series, Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Content covered includes the major structures of the solar system, unique features of each planet, as well as constellations, comets and other heavenly bodies. Students also learn about space travel and astronauts. Collaborative learning, interactive projects and opportunities to hone their observation skills are incorporated through the year.


Latin for Children Primer B follows Primer A’s material covered in Grammar 3. Review of concepts learned in the previous year prepares students for the more advanced concepts of the coming year. Through vocabulary drills, chants, quizzes, parsing and translating of simple Latin sentences, reinforcement of new words and concepts is accomplished further equipping each student as they advance in their Latin studies.

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