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Admissions Standards

  • Parents must acknowledge on the application that both have read the ACTS Policies on the website and will support those policies.

  • Parents must acknowledge their concurrence with the Enrollment Agreement found in the Student Enrollment Signature Packet.

  • Student(s) must acknowledge on the Student Enrollment Signature Packet that they have read, or have had read to them, the ACTS Student Rules, Dress Code and Discipline Policy and will behave in accordance with them. This information can be found on the ACTS Policies page.

  • At least one parent must be available to supervise completion of ACTS work at home. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting the assigned work with their student on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, grading work, as well as reading and acknowledging notes and emails sent home by tutors and staff. Lesson plans must be read prior to Monday’s class by parents and students.

  • Should a student exhibit a history of disciplinary or learning difficulties that cannot be effectively managed or accommodated by ACTS, admission or re-enrollment may be denied at the discretion of the ACTS Board.

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