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Join the ACTS Team

ACTS offers the following part time roles when available:     

  • Administrative Team​      

  • Tutors     

  • Classroom Assistants

ACTS meets on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00 -12:00. Each tutor position requires 2 hours of in person teaching each week (1 hour on Monday and 1 hour on Thursday) and about 2 hours of prep time outside of class.

Tutors must agree to abide and teach by the ACTS Statement of Faith

To apply for any of the open positions, please email an application to

ACTS is currently looking to hire qualified individuals for the following roles: 

  • G3 Composition (3rd Grade)

  • D1 Ancient History (7th)

  • D1 Ancient Literature (7th)

  • D3 Science - Biology or Chemistry (9th)

  • D3 Early Modern World History (9th)

  • D3 Inductive Logic (9th)

  • Theology (12th) 

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