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Kindergarten has a focus of using biblical principles to explore God’s world, teach classroom etiquette, fellowship, and working hard as unto the Lord.


Allison Kim

Kindergarten Tutor

Suzie Mancus.jpg

Suzie Mancus

Classroom Assistant

Areas of Study


Along with the memorization of Psalm 23, The Lord's Prayer, and several other selected passages, students read through several important stories of the Bible using the Jesus Storybook Bible. 

Social Studies/

God has a special place and purpose for each of us in his world. Kindergarten Social Studies begins with an introduction to Geography including naming and identifying the 7 continents, 5 oceans. Zooming in a little more, students study the US, and our state, Maryland, along with basic map reading skills. History in kindergarten includes an introduction to key US historical figures, symbols, and holidays.


Morning meeting initiates the official start to the day. Through interactive songs and chants, students will identify days of the week, months of the year, and explore the seasons and holidays. Students practice reading predictable text, classroom etiquette, listening and speaking skills with the daily Morning Message. 


God gave us 5 senses to use to explore and observe the world he made. Each meeting day, students have the opportunity to spend time outdoors (weather permitting). In addition to an introduction to weather, young scientists will learn about several animal habitats throughout the year. The Scientific Method is also introduced. 


Kindergartners begin the year by mastering pre-writing skills- basic shapes and lines used to form letters. As the year continues, students work towards mastering letter formation including both upper and lower case letters and numbers.


Kindergartners participate in studies of select composers and their compositions. They also explore tempo, beat and rhythm with instruments and voices. Instrument families and parts of the orchestra are also introduced. 


Although art is integrated into much of the school day in Kindergarten, students will explore the art making process by creating several projects that focus on the Elements of Art: line, shape, color, form, space, value and texture. Students will have the opportunity to create using different forms of media including pastels, crayons, markers, acrylic paint, watercolor paints, colored pencils, and clay.

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