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Annual Events at ACTS

Over the years, event traditions have been built at ACTS that have brought our entire community together! Each of the events below provide our families and students an opportunity to engage with one another in a fun, meaningful way that helps to create deeper bonds and friendships. 


Christmas Program

The newest of ACTS traditions is the annual Christmas Program. First started in 2021, the Christmas program is parent led and students have the opportunity to share the Christmas story through various forms of performance. 


The STEM fair sponsored by ACTS is held annually in the Spring and open to the local homeschooling community. Students present science projects that they work on throughout the year. Parents with experience in the STEM field are encouraged to participate as judges.

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Festival of the Arts

Festival of the Arts is annual event held in early Spring where ACTS students can showcase their artistic talents in music, drama, drawing, painting, pottery, and much more!

Family Game Night

Family Game Night is a yearly event where ACTS families to gather to play a variety games. Both adults and children take part in the fun! 

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End of Year Showcase

The End of Year Showcase is an opportunity for our students to showcase some of their many accomplishments from the year! This is a night of celebration and reflection that our entire ACTS community comes together for. 

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