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Grammar 1

Grammar 1

Grammar 1 continues the focus on classroom etiquette using Biblical principles, fellowship with classmates, and working hard as unto the Lord. Students are also prepared for Grammar 2 through a gradual increase of their 'at home' assignments over the course of the academic year. 


Kait Putnam

G1 Tutor


Erica Milbourne

Classroom Assistant

Areas of Study


Memorization of selected Bible verses and passages. A focus on mastery and recitation.


Shurley English Level 1 - introduction to parts of speech, memorization of jingles, completion of specific lessons in the text.

Social Studies/

Mastery of identification of seven continents, five oceans, the US and the state of Maryland. A study of Columbus and the founding of the 13 colonies. Figure studies on selected historical persons.


Mastery of identification of the days of the week and months of the year. Exploration into important holidays and seasons. 


Using our five senses to explore God's creation outdoors each meeting day (weather permitting). An introductory exploration of the human body, plants and seeds, and animal classification. A further study on meterology.


Mastery of upper and lowercase letters and numbers on both handwriting paper and lined paper. Introduction to correct format of name and date on papers. Develop skill of copying from the board.


Learning and singing the basic "Do-Re-Mi" scale, study of select composers and their compositions, exploration of different instruments and instrument families.


Memorization of seven poems with a focus on mastery, etiquette, expression, meter, and rhythm.


Further study of the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, tint, hue and shade. Exploration using many different media. Learning about differernt artists and their famous works. 

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