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Grammar 3

Grammar 3 encourages students to reach new heights as they begin their study of Latin, discover the pivotal point of history when Jesus Christ entered the world, continue flexing their 'writing muscles' as they advance in their composition skills, and explore the world of plants all while growing in their relationships with tutors and classmates. 

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Sharon Robinson

History & Botany

Areas of Study


Building on the foundation begun in Grammar 2, students add to their repertoire of stylistic techniques. Using material drawn from science and history, as well as Institute for Excellence in Writing, students progress from writing simple sentences to paragraphs constantly reinforcing earlier concepts which solidifes their ability to express themselves.


Shurley English Level 3 develops a clear understanding of grammar & sentence construction. Beginning in Grammar 3, students work on grammar at home using weekly lesson plans provided by ACTS. Classroom activities help introduce grammar concepts while encouraging reinforcement of previous ones and keeping up with home lessons. Students sing and recite jingles, work through the Question and Answer flow of sentences while cementing their understanding of basic grammar.


The foundation for this class is Veritas Press New Testament, Greece and Rome history cards. Adding to their framework begun with Mesopotamia and Egypt the year before, students now study the Greeks & Romans and discover how Biblical history fits into this timeline. In class students participate in activities that make history come alive. These include crafts, dress-up days, a Greek feast, the Olympic Games and more. Through these activites and at home readings, students learn how these ancient cultures have affected our lives today. 


 Botany is a class that ignites students desire to learn more about the plant world. Students will engage in hands-on activities, crafts, projects,  dissecting seeds and flowers among many other exciting projects. Using the Apologia Text Exploring Creation with Botany, students learn about seeds, pollination, fruits, roots, taxonomy, stems and most importantly why botany matters.


Utilizing Latin for Children Primer A, this course is designed to incrementally introduce third grade students to Latin. During class time, students learn basic Latin grammar and vocabulary by singing, chanting, playing word games and developing basic translation techniques. English grammar concepts are reinformced when the corresponding Latin grammar concept is introduced. Students delight in connecting the Latin of the past to the English of today as they discover derivatives we use daily. This course lays the foundation for future Latin studies and gives students confidence to advance their understanding of a new (old) language. 

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