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Grammar 5

Grammar 1 continues the focus on classroom etiquette using Biblical princples, fellowship with classmates, and working hard as unto the Lord. Students are also prepared for Grammar 2 through a gradual increase of their 'at home' assigments over the course of the academic year. 


Bridget Johnson



Kathy Poynor

Anatomy & Physiology


Sharon McInnis


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Louise Chesnut


Areas of Study


Continuing in their use of Andrew Pudewa’s Teaching Structure & Style, students begin the year by examining simple paragraphs to discern key words & ideas. A review of material covered in previous years encourages confidence as students progress into more complex assignments throughout the year. By the end of Grammar 5, students will have written several essays & reports incorporating all the stylistic techniques learned over the years which have helped them develop into quality writers.


Shurley English Level 6 reinforces basics &develops a student’s grasp of more complex grammar concepts. Grammar 5 students continue to work on Shurley grammar at home using lesson plans provided by ACTS. As their competency is increasing, less in-class time is spent on grammar concepts. Students will display their ability through quarterly testing.


Students begin the year reviewing the end of the Middle Ages and the birth of the Age of Exploration. Using Veritas Press History Cards, Explorers to 1815 and History of US Volumes 1-4, students set sail on a journey that examines the expansion of man’s understanding of navigation, the discovery of the New World, and the founding of the American republic. Field trips and in-class activities add depth & breadth enabling students to grasp more fully the exciting age of exploration.


What goes on inside your brain? Or in the rest of your body? How do your bones grow? These are just a few of the topics students will examine using Apologia’s Young Explorer Series, Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology. Understanding the complexity of the human body at an elementary level, students will learn how God designed their bodies to function and perform. Various projects & experiments will enhance their grasp of the marvel of the human body.


Using a curriculum designed by Rockbridge Academy, A Primer for Wheelock’s Latin, students in Grammar 5 solidify their understanding of the Latin concepts learned in Grammar 3 & 4. As they review both vocabulary & foundational concepts learned in previous years, students are exposed to more advanced concepts through challenging translation exercises. This initial exposure to some of the advanced content they will examine in greater depth during the dialectic years prepares them for the transition from the grammar style of learning to the dialectic stage of the trivium.

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