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  • Week 32 Praise the Lord for Keeping All of His Promises

    Posted by ACTS Admin Team on 5/13/2020

    “…And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20


    We love the above promise and tell our children and ourselves that God is always with us. Looking back on this 2019 -2020 school year, we could once again say, “The Lord always keeps His promises!”  The Lord has been with us at ACTS from Week 1, the first week of classes, Week 25, the week when the discussions about how to teach by Social Distancing were on the lips of every teacher/tutor in the world, to this week, Week 32, the last week of our 2019- 2020 school year. Thanks be to the Lord, this week, our students are not only finishing on time, they are finishing well!


    People have been talking about the heroes of the Pandemic, and not to down play the people who are on the Front Lines saving lives, keeping us healthy, well fed, protected and safe every day, each one of our ACTS Tutors and Parents is a hero, a hero of ACTS! Our dear Tutors, through the grace of God, have kept ACTS going with their Lesson Plans, Videos, and Remote Classrooms since we had to shelter in! Tutors even met virtually with individual students to help them understand concepts and go over tests. Most of these tutors had children of their own to homeschool. As one parent wrote “As a school, the transition to online classes appeared seam-less … and we didn’t seem to miss a beat in the education that ACTS has been providing during the transition”


    Our tenacious ACTS parents are heroes too because even through the difficulties that they may have been experiencing, loss of income, shortages, and separation from loved ones due to “Sheltering In”, our parents continued to homeschool. They supervised their children’s work, made sure it was completed for Virtual classrooms, and submitted paper and assignments on time so that their children did not fall behind. In the background were our Classroom Assistants, Parent Volunteers, and Class Parents arranging on line Meetings for our students so that they could see their classmates in a casual setting.


    We are currently researching different platforms for next year, in case we find ourselves and the world in the same position of having to teach using Distance Learning.  Our Lord has guided us through this whole school year, and I know He will be with us and provide whatever we need as we plan and prepare for our next school year. I don’t remember who said it, but it’s true. We are not all in the same boat, we are in the same storm. Our “boats” will determine how we weather the storm. As believers in Jesus, we are confident in knowing that if He is in the boat with us, though the wind and seas rage, He will get us through any storm. All praise and Glory to our Almighty God who has been and will continue to be in the boat with us at ACTS.


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  • Week 31 A Week of Accomplishments

    Posted by ACTS Admin Team on 5/9/2020

    We just finished our 31st Week, and what a week it was! On Thursday, May 7th, our little friends in Kindergarten and G1 finished their school year, and thanks to our amazing tutors, assistants, parents, and the students themselves, they finished well and on time.


    It is truly amazing what both K and G1 have learned and accomplished since September. Both classes worked on mastery of their formation of letters and numbers, recitation of Scripture, poetry, and facts,  and learned to be observant and appreciate God’s Creation through Science and Geography. They enjoyed music and art by studying master artists and composers. G1 learned the works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and how to identify the musical instruments of the orchestra by listening to Peter and the Wolf.  The highlight of their study, was their trip to Maryland Hall to attend the ballet, Swan Lake. K joined them, and all students were mesmerized by the dancers and sets and recognized the familiar music of Tchaikovsky from their studies at ACTS.


     G1 refined the skills and concepts they learned in K, but also learned Grammar. They learned jingles to reinforce their knowledge of the Parts of Speech and what makes a sentence and also learned about important events in US History. Kindergarten studied “The Old- Line State” of Maryland. Did you know that milk is the state beverage?


    The Admin Team observed physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in both K and G1 because every Monday and Thursday, while the tutors got ready in their classrooms, we had the pleasure of reading to our little friends in our “office”. We took turns and grew to cherish our littlest students. We have truly missed this delightful custom since Social Distancing separated us. When the switch to Distance Learning began, our K and G1 Tutors adjusted their Weekly Lesson Plans for home. The students’ parents were asked to post videos of their children in their private G-Suite Classrooms. The students especially enjoyed seeing their tutors and classmates in a Virtual Classroom and the work of their classmates, whether it was the recitation of a poem, a drawing, or the results of a Science experiment.


    Speaking of Science experiments, today G-6 and D1 presented their Science Projects in a live virtual Science Fair. The results of the experiments were displayed on Tri-fold boards, and each student had 5 minutes to present the results of his or her experiment. For their projects they asked a question, formulated and conducted an experiment, examined the results, and then explained the experiment and their findings. Here are some of the projects:


    How Many Paper Clips Are Needed to Break Surface Tension – of oil, vinegar, soap, and soapy water (discovering that the density of a liquid does not correspond to its surface tension); Could Fluoride Be Used to Strengthen Eggshells Making Them Less Likely to Break During Transportation? (A byproduct was minty eggs); The Ups and Downs of Parachutes (I silently chose the one with the slower descent); Baking Powder Substitutes (which produced a number of inedible muffins); Elephant Toothpaste (It yielded a dramatic result when Hydrogen Peroxide was mixed with other substances); and Temperature: The Key to Fast Fizz (valuable information for when you need an Alka -Seltzer to dissolve immediately).


    There was a Question and Answer time after each presentation. Each student did a marvelous job and both their Chemistry and Physics Tutors, as well as the guests, were very pleased with their students and work.

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