Course Descriptions for ACTS Classes

  •  ACTS courses are offered as a complete package for students in Kindergarten through Dialectic 2, corresposonding to Kindergarten through eighth grade. A complete description of the subjects taught in each grade and the content that will be covered for the year can be found using the links below.

    For high school students, ACTS offers à la carte classes which meet 2 days per week. Parents may choose which classes their student will take for the year. À la carte classes are offered subject to sufficient enrollment. 

    All classes meet two days per week, Mondays and Thursdays, from 8 to 12:00, High School Sciences until 12:30. 


    Link to: Kindergarten and Grammar 1 

    Link to: Grammar 2 and Grammar 3

    Link to: Grammar 4, Grammar 5 and Grammar 6

    Link to: Dialectic 1 and Dialectic 2

    Link to: À la Carte Classes (High School level)