Á la Carte at ACTS!

  • In keeping with the classical model, high school classes, particularly History and Literature/Composition, are designed to complement the content of other courses. Classes are offered individually with the recommendation of enrolling students in all courses to give them the most benefit and full exposure to the integrated content.


    High school classes meet on Mondays 8:00 - 12:00 and Thursdays from 7:30 - 12:00.   

    Parents may select the class or classes they desire for their student. 

    Please read the description of the classes offered for the coming academic year.

    Classes are offered subject to a minimum enrollment. 

  • Inductive Logic

    In a world dominated by the naturalist worldview, students learn about the overwhelming evidence for the scientific case for Intelligent Design. Using this evidence, in addition to the inductive logic methods learned throughout the year, students will construct a case that challenges the Darwinian evolutionary theory in a presentation at the end of the year.

    Early Modern World History 1550-1815

    Beginning with the Age of Enlightenment and ending with the fall of Napoleon, students explore how new discoveries and religious conflict began changing the political and cultural climate of Europe. They will study empire-building, the Age of Enlightenment, and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. Through in-class discussion, timeline projects, research essays, and reading from original sources, students gain an appreciation for the cultural upheaval caused by leaving the Old Regime of feudalism behind and entering a world transformed by communication, new forms of government, and new technology.

    Literature of the Early Modern World

    Complementing the Early Modern World History class, this course explores the implications of a rapidly changing Europe. Beginning with plays by Shakespeare and concluding with Charles Dickens’ brilliant novel focusing on the French Revolution, students explore themes of anti-Semitism, class conflict, and the impact of industrialism on all levels of society. Homework will include extensive reading and writing essays of explication, analysis, and comparison and contrast, as well as research assignments. Class time will include discussion of the texts, writing workshops, and occasionally, viewing productions. 

    Biology – 9th Grade

    An overview of the five kingdoms using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology this course places emphasis on the scientific method, cellular structures, & the use of the microscope. Students will conduct labs under supervision as well as dissections of various specimens over the course of the year. Maintaining a lab journal with detailed notes will prepare students for college level lab sciences. A Science Fair project will also be done as part of this course.