• 8-30-2020


    In addition to the safety protocol for the conduct of in-person classes, the ACTS Board believes it imperative that these additional guidelines be followed in order promote the safety of the entire ACTS community during the 2020-2021 academic year. We strongly encourage you and your families to participate in ACTS with a commitment to the health and safety of others in the ACTS community.

    ACTS staff and the parents must notify the ACTS Administrators as soon as possible upon learning that they or any of their children attending ACTS:

    • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19; or





    • A parent, staff member, or student meeting any of the conditions in section A above (an “Identified Community Member”) must NOT attend in-person ACTS classes or activities until the following:

    If having been diagnosed with COVID-19 but exhibiting no symptoms –
               a. received a negative COVID-19 viral test since the COVID 19 diagnosis, OR

               b. 10 days have passed since the COVID-19 diagnosis. 

    If having exhibited COVID-19 symptoms –
                a. received a negative COVID-19 viral test since the symptoms arose and no longer symptomatic, OR

                b. 10 days have passed since the symptoms first arose, 24 hours have passed with no fever, and other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving. 

    If having had close contact, 14 days have passed since the last close contact with no symptoms arising and no COVID-19 diagnosis.

    Identified Community Members are encouraged to self-isolate, monitor for symptoms, and seek and follow medical advice. 

    Upon learning of an Identified Community Member, the ACTS Administrators shall promptly:

    1. Determine and notify those believed to have had close contact at ACTS;
    2. Notify EP Church to ensure appropriate cleaning of spaces used by ACTS; and
    3. Provide appropriate awareness to the ACTS Community.