À la Carte English Classes 2019-2020

American Literature 2019-2020

  • Amer Lit

    This class surveys the tranformation of frontier towns to urban structres as seen through the eyes of various American authors. Reading short stories, small novels and plays about life in rural America from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution through post WW II, students will learn about the impace of change on the characters they encounter. Essays of varying length and scope will develop the students' writing skills throughout the year.

     Grade Level: 9th and above

    Class meets: 2 days per week, 55 minutes per meeting day, 1.75 hours total

    Course Fee: $650

British Literature 2019-2020

  • Brit Lit

    This course is an overview and survey of major Britsh authors beginning with Shakespeare and continuing through to the 21th century. Students will read a variety of genres, poetry, short stories and novels discussing themes, characters, and weighing them against how Scripture calls us to live. Historical context and determining worldview will also be considered. Homework will consist of reading assignments, essays, and full length papers. Class time will include ample discussion of the texts, reading portions aloud, listening to accurate audio representations of some works, and occastionally viewing productions. 

    Grade level: 10th and above

    Class meets two days/week, 55 minutes each day, 1.75 hours total

    Pre-requisite: American Literature or approval of tutor

    Course Fee: $650 

Advanced Composition 2019-2020

  • Advanced Comp

    This course will aim to give students the tools they need to confidently and successfully approach the task of researching and writing two common essays – the persuasive essay and the comparison essay. The research component of the course will begin the year with a field trip to the Anne Arundel Community College library, where students will see a presentation from one of the teaching librarians on how to use the wide variety of physical and digital resources available there, as well as how to distinguish between quality sources and sources that are not reliable. The composition/writing component of this course will be focused on the three main activities of composition – invention,or how to come up with ideas, arrangement,or how to order one’s ideas well, and elocution,or how to express one’s ideas well. We will practice all these skills by spending time researching, editing, writing and re-writing 3 or 4 essays over the course of the year, beginning simply and adding skills, complexity and rhetorical devices as the year progresses.

    Grade Level: 11th & above

    Class Meets:  2 days per week, 80 minutes each day, 2.75 hours per week

    Pre-requisite: American Lit, British Lit, or approval of tutor

    Course Fee: $850.00