À la Carte History Classes 2019-2020

US History - 9th grade & above

  •  US History



    Providing an overview of key events in the discovery & development of the US from the pre-colonial era to an independent nation and into the 21st century, students will investigate the political, social, economic & cultural changes that have shaped & continue to influence America. The goal of the course is to make history come alive through active class dicussion, independent projects, and field trips. Research & analytical writing skills will be developed as students complete a history project of their choice which will serve them well in future endeavors. 

    Grade Level: 9th and above

    Class meets: two days per week, 55 minutes each class day, total of 1.75 hours each week

    Course Fee$650.00 

American Gov't & Economics - 10th grade & above

  • Amer Goût

    Beginning with a close study of the founding documents of the United States, students will explore the basis for how government functions and the responsibilities of each branch. State and local government structure will also be examined. By understanding how government was designed to function, students will be well-equipped citizens.           

    In the second semester, the focus shifts to economics – how man acts and interacts in the choices we make in the marketplace and beyond. Through a hybrid style course (both written materials and online segments), students will gain an understanding of how to apply Biblical principles to economic theory in a thoughtful manner with the goal of affecting the world in which they live.

    Grade Level: 10th and above

    Class Meets: two days per week, 55 minutes per day, total of 1.75 hours per week

    N.B. - Economics course requires online access for completion of homework

    Course Fee: $650.00

Modern World History - 11th grade & above

  • Modern History





    Spanning the Industrial Revolution to the Cold War and beyond, students will explore how the world changed. Looing at the political, social, economic, and cultural changes that radically altered the manner in which nations interacted with one another, students will gain an understanding of the power of political ideology as well as the  impact of mechanization in transforming all levels of society. Understanding the effects of these changes will inform students of the world they will inherit.

    Grade Level: 11th & above

    Class meets: two days per week, 90 minutes per class day, total of 3 hours per week. 

    Pre-Requisite: US History

    Course Fee: $850.00