ACTS - The Story of how ACTS began

  • In 2001, a group of homeschooling families began praying and talking about forming a classical Christian tutorial service in the Annapolis area. These families had two desires: first, to classically educate their own children, and second, to come alongside other homeschooling families who were also interested in the Classical model.  ACTS opened its doors in the Fall of 2002 with students in grades 3-8. Since then, ACTS has continued to grow with students in Kindergarten through High School. 

    ACTS employs tutors in each subject area – English Composition and Grammar, Science, History, and Latin. In the upper levels, Logic and Speech are also taught. The tutors are the backbone of ACTS and provide the students and families with years of experience in their subject area. Some tutors are homeschooling mothers, others come from the area. Both have a passion for their subject and a love for their students.

    ACTS helps families by providing detailed lesson plans for each subject taught. Each week, families download and print lesson plans from the website which lay out the concepts to be covered in class and the work to be completed at home. All the planning is done by the tutors; parents are responsible for overseeing the completion of assignments and reinforcing concepts taught at ACTS.

    Connecting with other families happens in a variety of ways - Picnic in the Park is a favorite fall and spring occurence with families packing lunch and meeting after ACTS at a local playground; the Annual Christmas Lunch is held the last December meeting day providing an opportunity to celebrate the joy of the season; in January, an observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day begins with an ACTS-wide assembly open to the entire community followed by a service project after ACTS classes have concluded for the day; the Festival of the Arts is held in the spring celebrating the accomplishments of ACTS students in the Fine Arts; and our year finishes with the ACTS Showcase in May, an evening dedicated to "showcasing" what ACTS students have learned throughout the year.