ACTS Registration Information for Prospective Families

  • Thank you for your interest in ACTS! We appreciate the opportunity to be considered a potential partner in your family's homeschooling journey.


    Application forms can be found using the link in the side bar menu. The application fee is $100/student, maximum of $250/family.


    Tuition costs and information about the FACTS Tuition Managment System can be found using the link in the side bar menu.

ACTS Application Process

  • To apply to ACTS, please do the following:


    1. Look over the information on the website to learn more about ACTS and to determine if it is a good fit for your family. 

    2. Review the ACTS Policies to learn more about what ACTS expects of its families and their students and how ACTS partners with its families.

    3. Download an application form(s) using the menu in the side bar. 

    4. Submit your application fee using the link at the end of the application form.

    5. An email response will follow indicating receipt of your application and application fee. 

    6. All incoming students are assessed to determine the best placement for them to flourish at ACTS. This will be arranged via email.

    7. Soon after the assessment, parents will be interviewed by members of the ACTS Board and other ACTS parents. Placement recommendations will be given during the interview.

    8. Following the interview, parents will be given a deadline to respond with their decision to pursue or decline to enroll their students in ACTS.