• Re-Enrollment Procedures for Returning Families

    Thank you for your support of this ministry! We are grateful for the opportuity to educate your children. To re-enroll your child in ACTS, please do the following:

    1. Review the ACTS Admission Standards

    2. Review the ACTS Policies to learn more about what ACTS expects of its families and their students as well as how ACTS partners with its families.

    3. Complete the Student Enrollment Form for existing students.If you wish to enroll a new child in ACTS or re-enroll a former ACTS student, this may also be done on the Student Enrollment Form. 

    4. For each new student, you must submit a non-refundable student application/assessment fee of $50. You will be contacted to set up an appointment for student assessment. All incoming students are assessed to determine the best placement for them to flourish at ACTS. You will be contacted via email to arrange your child's assessment.

      If applicable, you may submit your application fee here. Please be sure to include total application fee for all new students that will be enrolled. The maximum required application fee per family is $250.

    5. SECURITY DEPOSITS WILL BE COLLECTED BETWEEN MAY 25-30, 2021 THROUGH FACTS. Families may set up their 2021-2022 FACTS account after February 5, 2021. Families will be responsible for the annual FACTS enrollment fee - $20 to $50 depending on the payment plan chosen. The annual FACTS enrollment fee will be withdrawn 14 days after finalization of your plan. .

      • $230.00 per student enrolled in Kindergarten and G1
      • $230.00 per student enrolled in G2 or G3 
      • $245.00 per student enrolled in G4, G5, G6, D1, or D2 
      • 10% of total tuition per student enrolled in à la carte class(es)
    6. Complete the Signature Packet and submit it to the school registrar at actsregistrar@annapolisclassicaltutorial.org.

    7. An email response will follow indicating receipt of your enrollments, applications, application fee, and reciept of signature packets.

    8. Attend ACTS Parent Orientation session in August.